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A Beginners Mini-Guide To Making And Selling Beaded Jewelry

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If you are looking for a new craft to start doing, one that you can also earn extra money from, then beaded jewelry may be a great option. Beads are good place to try your hand at making something beautiful, without needing to originally invest a large sum of money into equipment. This mini-guide will provide you with the information you need to get started making and selling beaded jewelry. Basic Tools Using the right tools will help make the process of beading easier and ensure your jewelry pieces turn out right. As you perfect your craft, you will learn to use different types and sizes of beading tools. But there are only a few basic tools you will need to get started, including: A nipper tool, which is basically a cutting tool with an angled blade, is beneficial for getting in between beads to allow you to tightly close the wire. This tool works best for beading wire that is 20 gauge or softer. Round nose pliers are typically used for bending and wrapping wire, and making loops. This tool is essential for jewelry pieces, such as wire-wrapped pendants. A pair of standard pliers work fine, but pliers with plastic-coated jaws will help to prevent damages to wire and crimp beads. Needle nose pliers are used for things such as closing crimp covers, straightening wire loops and opening jump rings. Memory wire shears are designed specifically for cutting thick wire.   Tweezers are one of the most commonly used tools in beading. They are used to untangle wire, pick up small beads and get beads into tight places. Starter Kits One of the easiest ways to get started making beaded jewelry is to buy bead crafts online. There are kits available that include the beads, wire and instructions to make various jewelry pieces. The kits typically come with a diagram that shows you, step by step, how to make the jewelry, which is ideal for someone new to working with beads. However, the kits may limit your ability to create your unique design. If you prefer to design your own pieces, keep in mind that practice makes perfect and you can also take the piece apart and do it again until you have the look you want. Beads and Wire When you are ready to make pieces free form (without a kit), you will need to buy the supplies. Beads are typically inexpensive and can be bought online or at local hobby shops and some department stores. When choosing beads and wire, make sure to do your homework and research which gauge of wire works best with the various styles and sizes of beads. Selling Your Jewelry Once you have developed your beading skills, you may consider selling your jewelry pieces. There are several options to choose from when it comes to selling jewelry, including: Flea markets—it is recommended that you have several completed pieces and a variety of styles to take with you. Flea markets are also a good place to take custom orders for your jewelry. Online sales—you can list your beaded jewelry on online auction sites or online craft shops. Make sure you provide detailed descriptions of each piece in order to increase the chances of potential sales. Retail shops—some retail shops, such as small...

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3 Tip For Selling Your Inherited Silverware

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Did you recently inherit silverware from a loved one? Are you interested in selling that silver to get some extra cash? Silver is almost always in demand, and you can easily find gold and silver buyers either online or in-person in your area. However, you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible price for your pieces. You can do that by taking some time to research your silver and to see what kind of prices are being offered in the market. Here are three tips to help you prepare yourself and your silver to get the best price: Make sure it’s sterling. Silver falls into a few different categories. There’s silver sterling, which is almost entirely made of pure silver. Then there’s coin silver. These are pieces that are made from melted coins and then coated with silver. It will take a skilled and experienced eye to determine just how much silver is in a coin silver piece. Finally, there’s plated silver, which is basically another melted metal coated with silver. Sterling silver always has value, while coin silver may have value depending on its makeup. Don’t expect much value for plated silver. Look on the back of your pieces for some kind of marker indicating what type of silver you have. It may say “ster.” to indicate sterling or “coin” to indicate coin. If there is no marker, it’s very likely that the piece is plated. Knowing this in advance will help you negotiate the most appropriate price for your silver. Convert it into troy ounces. Silver is sold in units of troy ounces. You likely don’t have a scale that reports troy ounces in your home, but there is an easy way to find out how many troy ounces your pieces weigh. Just put the pieces on a traditional bathroom scale and get their weight in pounds. A digital scale is best because then you can also get the precise weight down to a tenth or even hundredth of a pound. When you have that number, get online and search for a pound to troy ounce calculator. There are plenty available online. You can then convert the pounds into troy ounces. Next, you can search for the current market price of silver per troy ounce. Once you have that number, you should be able to quickly estimate the value of your pieces. Shop around. There are many different types of gold and silver buyers out there. Most pawn shops will buy gold and silver, as will many jewelry stores and coin shops. Also, search online to see what kind of prices you can get. If your pieces are old silverware, don’t forget to also check with antique shops. Most silver buyers will likely melt the pieces down to sell as pure silver. However, an antique shop may place more value on the pieces as actual silverware. Don’t assume that they’re worth more melted down. For more information, contact a gold and silver buyer, like Coins Plus. They can look at your pieces and give you their best...

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Making A Festive Autumn Centerpiece For Your Dining Room Table

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If you are interested in spicing up your home’s decor with a bit of fall festivity, consider doing a fun autumn project using the help of some simple craft supplies. Many people enjoy the colors of red, gold, and orange in and around their home when trees outdoors are sporting the same deep hues. Here is a project you can do on your own to add a bit of color to your dining area. This is an easy craft that can be done in under an hour’s time, without the use of any difficult tools or equipment, making it a great activity for both young and old alike. Items You Will Need Pieces of foam in yellow, orange, brown and red Scissors Pen or marker Hole puncher Green pipe cleaners Polystyrene ball in a three or four-inch diameter Patterned grosgrain ribbon Plastic bowl in an autumn color Potpourri Take A Trip Outdoors Start by finding large leaves outdoors that have fallen from trees in your yard. If you do not yet have trees that have fallen, you can pick a few green leaves from trees to use. Search for leaves that do not have any ripped or torn portions, as you will be tracing them to use for your project.  Construct The Pieces Trace leaves onto the colored foam pieces with a pen or marker and cut each one out using scissors so you have several colored foam pieces in leaf shapes. Punch a hole into each foam leaf near the stem area, using a hole puncher. String a green pipe cleaner through each leaf. For each piece, double the pipe cleaner in half so the ends are touching and twist it up to the hole in the foam leaf.  Putting It Together Place a polystyrene ball into a festive bowl. Poke each pipe cleaner into a polystyrene ball so the leaves are poking out in several directions. Try to place the leaves so there are not two of the same color next to each other to make the decoration look uniform. Cut about a foot and a half length of a piece of grosgrain ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a bow and thread a green pipe cleaner through the center portion. You can adorn the leaf decoration with the bow to add some character to your arrangement. Finish the decoration by sprinkling an autumn scented potpourri, like a cinnamon, pumpkin, or s’mores scent, around the decorated polystyrene ball. Place the bowl on top of a piece of contrasting-colored foam or place mat in the center of your table. Enjoy the new look and the complements you will receive from others when they see your autumn...

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How To Choose The Best Travel Adapter

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If you are travelling overseas for the first time and did not do any research, you might find yourself in a hotel with wireless Internet. You are excited to be able to use the Internet and tell all of your friends how cool the location you are staying is or find a good restaurant to eat your first meal in the new country, but find that your laptop is dead. When you go to charge it, your plug won’t fit into the outlet available. You realize that you are going to need an adapter. The next time you travel, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of travel adapters that are available. Here are some tips for narrowing down the selection and finding the best travel adapter for your needs. 1. Do You Plan to Travel to Lots of Different Countries in One Trip? The first thing that you need to ask yourself before you purchase a travel adapter is if you are going to travel to many different countries on several different continents in the single trip. This might mean that you need multiple different adapters, depending on the countries that you visit. If you do need several distinct adapters, then you are going to want to purchase an adapter kit that has all of the pieces, or purchase a single adapter with moving parts that can be changed to adapt to different types of outlets. 2. How Many Devices Do You Have? If you are only planning on carrying a phone or a tablet, then you only need an adapter that has a single outlet on it. If you are planning on charging multiple electric devices at the same time, then you are going to want to consider purchasing an adapter that has several different outlets so that you don’t have to wait to charge each item individually. These might be more expensive, but they’ll save you a ton of time. 3. How Much Will You Be Moving? 3-in-1 travel adapters can be heavy. If you are going to be backpacking a lot and moving to many different locations in a short period of time, you might want to consider paying the extra money for a lightweight 3-in-1 adapter, or several, smaller adapters which you can use to disperse the weight throughout your backpack. If you are not going to be moving as much, the extra weight will not matter as much. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in electrical products like Koontz...

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